As a photographer, I get asked all the time "What should we wear for our session"?  Hopefully, this post can answer some of those questions for you.  I  tell my clients to wear what is comfortable, you want to be able to sit with ease or play with the kiddos without worrying about your outfit.  If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing it will come through on the other side.  I also like to suggest that you don't go too matchy, coordinate yes, but you do not want everyone in the same color.  I would shy away from super bright colors and I really prefer not a lot of white or blacks.    What I usually do is pick a patterned shirt or dress for one person and then pull colors together from that for everyone else.  It doesn't even hurt to have a couple of patterns as long as they aren't over the top.  You would be surprised what you can put together and it comes out looking great!  Just experiment and have fun but please wear something nice, you are investing in your session with us, why not look your best!!   I have put together a few examples to show you what you can put together and how it looks, please note that the following images of the clothes are taken from Pinterest and are not my photos.

Now that I have shown you a few examples from Pinterest I am going to show you some samples from our actual client sessions.

And one of my family, as you can see I picked the pattern shirt for my youngest and then coordinated around it with colors from her shirt.  Just have fun and don't be afraid to add some color, just don't overdo it.  I usually go shopping for  family photos and buy several options for everyone and then come home and lay them all out and see what looks the best together, you can always  return what you don't choose.