We had so much fun doing these sessions and only wish we could have worked with more fur-babies!!  We did these sessions not only because we love pups, but we wanted to give to an organization that helps animals and when we met Jay with A Life to Live back in April we knew that this was the organization we wanted to donate to.  We had already set these up and with half the proceeds going to the organization we tried to book the event solid, but sadly we only had a few takers.  We are so thankful for those few!   As you can see we did one in the studio, due to rain, but it worked out great and the other was here on our property.    We hope to offer these again one day in the future and would love to book it solid so that we can donate even more money to A Life to Live.   After these sessions and our Letter Art fundraiser, we were able to donate $300 to A Life to Live.