Good morning all!  We adopted a new puppy last Saturday and I wanted to  do a blog post about her and the rescue organization we adopted her from.  Cliff and I were at Tractor Supply getting food for our ducks and, of course, right away I spot a crate full of puppies, Cliff knew he was in trouble.   I have felt the need to add another fur-baby to our home ever   since we lost Jasper in January.  I would love to be able to bring them all home, but we know that can't happen.  I have been really feeling the urge lately to find an organization to work with, to donate our time to, take photos of the animals, etc.   I just have a feeling of needing and wanting to help however I can, I may not be able to bring all the animals home and love them like my own, but I want to try and help these animals find a loving home they all deserve.  I felt like it was meant to be that we came upon A Life to Live , this is an organization that is just starting out and I felt like this was it, the organization I have been looking for.  We have the mini sessions set up for May 9th and I was still looking for a rescue or shelter to donate to and I am happy to say that this is the shelter we will be donating the profits to from this event and many more to come.  So I leave you with a photo of our sweet Tiger Lily (Lily for short), previously Mazey Lynn, and a little blurb about A Life to Live.  It would be great if you could go and show them some support on their facebook page.