It seems just like yesterday I was watching her learn to walk!  You really don't believe it when they tell you it will fly by, but it truly has!  I cannot believe my oldest daughter is 16 years old!  I am beyond proud of her and the young lady she is becoming, but I would be lying if I said it didn't sting just a little to think that she is that much closer to moving out and growing up!  We truly need to cherish the time with our kiddos!  

Jordyn, had been talking about wanting a cake smash session for her 16th birthday for a while.  I heard her but kinda just played it off like maybe we would get around to it while the real plan was to surprise her with it!  I reached out to my friends and asked if anyone would be willing to donate some items to make it happen.  Caprisa with Tickle Me Pink Boutique  donated her adorable tank top, Taryn with My Cookie's Creations who donated the wine glass, our good friend Jessica made  the gorgeous cake and I found this awesome vendor on Etsy who did her tutu. Check out this tutu by Frills and Fireflies here!  We had so much fun and I just love that we have these photos to look back on!  Thank you Jordyn for loving life and for wanting to do this!  I will cherish these photos forever!