We are high school sweethearts and have been married since 1997. We are best friends and love working together, whether it be remodeling a house, working on a new project or  taking photos for you.  We strive to do our best with whatever we are working on and that includes your sessions.  We take pride in our work and not only do we spend time with you at your session but hours go into editing your photos, making sure that every image is the best it can be.  We believe in quality over quantity and with us that is what you get.  We try to make your session as relaxed and as fun as it can be, we not only want to be your photographers but we hope to become your friends as well.  We work together to make sure every aspect of your session is covered and that it is perfect.  Cliff might not always be behind the camera but he is always making sure that everything is just right.  He may be wrangling your toddler or getting those little smiles to shine or getting the attention of your pup and getting them to stay but every once in awhile he is clicking away to get those behind the scene shots.  We hope that you will choose us as your photographers, we would love to capture your moments before they are gone.

My name is Amy and I am the girl behind the camera.   I am married to my best friend and we have two beautiful daughters who inspire me everyday, showing me how important it is to capture those important moments... ...before they are gone. I was a Navy wife for sixteen years and although it was not always easy I loved the adventure and all the friends we met along the way.  We have lived all over the country but I am super happy to have ended up back in Texas; it is home!! I love photography: what is captured with a mere photograph, and the way it freezes time. I love taking pictures for my clients and capturing those special moments for them through photos.  It's such a great feeling to see how happy they are with their photos and I love being part of that!  I hope you will consider us as your photographers.

Cliff here:  you can find me behind the scenes, holding things, second shooter, repair man.  I help out when the boss needs it.  Now that we are done with the Navy we can focus on the business at hand;  getting creative and productive.  I'm the assembly man.  I like to build and fix things and reuse stuff that could be trash.  I will capture the still life images at your wedding and the feet of your dancing guests.  I will be two feet tall at your toddler's birthday shoot, so we can see what she sees.  Let me help make your family comfortable and get some great memories.